Course Catalog

Bundle 7 - Emergency Planning and Computer Security

Approved as 1 CEU or 1 Hour in Key Area 3 - Administration. In order for this course to count for Key Area Hours it must be completed along with Sexual Harassment for Managers, or Bundle 3, or Bundle 4, or Bundle 5.

Fee: $ 18.00

  Emergency Planning The lesson covers the origin and goals of EPCRA, including the subtitles and sections. It also covers the specific types of chemicals listed in the regulation, and how to determine EPCRA applicability for a facility. Emergency planning and emergency release notification requirements, the provisions and exemptions for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) submissions and chemical inventory reporting, and the requirements for toxic chemical release reporting are addressed in further detail.
  Computer Security
The goal of the course is to create awareness among the target audience about ongoing threats to computer security since audience members are responsible for protecting their employer’s digital property. Any data that audience members generate using the employer’s resources is deemed to be the property of the employer. This includes, but is not limited to, all of the data that audience members generate while on their employer’s premises, as well as using any of their employer’s hardware and software resources.